Sourabh Aggarwal

I was a college pass out, who is looking for a great upcoming career path with good income level, a big nice house, and all the luxury stuff I want. When the idea “Rise My Venture”​ came up to my mind. I shared it with my mind. After deep thoughts, and thorough planning, I decided to start-up this business and be an entrepreneur with passion and values with my dreams.

I sold my (9 am to 5 pm) job and all the stuff I can sell, I left my family, I quit my job looking mind, and I put all the ethics that I got in my life into this business. I believe in it, I got the experience, I have the passion, and I know how to make the impact and I have surrounded myself with smart people who will help to make this happen. Is it a big risk? Simply I always say NO.

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