Campus Ambassador Program

Rise My Venture Career

Rise My Venture Campus Ambassador Program (RMV-CAP) recognizes enthusiastic, hard-working and motivated individuals by giving them the opportunity to represent Rise My Venture in their campus. Campus ambassador plan and host a few events during the college year, introduce students to new Rise My Venture events and services.

Who We Are Looking For:

1. Any candidate pursuing their studies within India and Abroad can only apply.
2. Are you a member of a Student/Entrepreneurial Cell or Organizing team of a Fest in your college?
3. You should be always active as a campus ambassador. You will have to devote time and skills for being so. Can you?
4. Can we entrust that, by carrying the brand name of Rise My Venture, you will be helping us to take it to more number of students in your college and city?
5. Passion for learning, creativity, innovation and information sharing.

Benefits of Rise My Venture Campus Ambassador Program:

1. We will give you a certificate after the successful completion of the program. This is a 3 month program.
2. Gain skills like Team Work, Event Management, Media Relations, Negotiation and Presentation Skills.
3. Campus Ambassador will attend any Rise My Venture event free of cost. Campus Ambassador able to organize Rise My Venture Event in their campus, support Rise My Venture to set up virtual entrepreneurial lab in their college.
4. Campus Ambassador can easily sell Rise My Venture services get 50% commission.
5. Bragging Rights! You can credit yourself as a Rise My Venture Campus Ambassador in your email signatures, LinkedIn profile, Blogs, Personal Pages etc.

Responsibilities To Handle In:

1. The Rise My Venture Campus Ambassador will be responsible & need to organize the events/workshops, support rise my venture team to setup virtual entrepreneurial lab in colleges and sell services of Rise My Venture at his/her college or university.
2. Rise My Venture Campus Ambassador should be clear with the idea of Rise My Venture working, agenda and perspective.
3. Campus Ambassador should not do biasing with a student or a group of students.

How To Apply For Rise My Venture Campus Ambassador Program:

1. Read all information about RMV-CAP – like responsibilities and prerequisites.
2. To apply for RMV-CAP, Candidate should send their resume and write an essay of 500 words in which the candidate states that why He/She is suitable for this position. Send the essay to

Selected Candidate Role For 3 Months Rise My Venture Campus Ambassador Program:

1. Rise My Venture Campus Ambassador should sell a minimum of three “rise my venture startup services” in 3 months in order to get a certificate after 3 months of the campus ambassador program.

2. Rise My Venture Campus Ambassador will get 50% of every rise my venture service sell. They can sell services within their campus premises or outside as per rise my venture campus ambassador policy.

3. Rise My Venture Campus Ambassador should engage audience to company official social media profiles.

4. Rise My Venture Campus Ambassador will organize a free startup event/workshop within their campus premises. In the free startup event/workshop, Rise My Venture Campus Ambassador will aware the students about the company, services and achievements. During free workshop, Rise My Venture Campus Ambassador should click images and record video testimonials of the participants. Company officials will not come in the free startup event/workshop. Minimum number of students in the free event/workshop should be 50.

5. If Rise My Venture Campus Ambassador will organize two paid start event/workshop within their campus premises then we will pay their semester fees upto 60000 INR. Minimum number students in the paid startup event/workshop should be 200+. The fees for the startup event/workshop will be 499 INR. In case Campus Ambassador will organize only one workshop then he/she will get 30% of the event revenue. At this point, he/she will decide to conduct the second event/workshop or not. Once he/she will accept the prize offer after first event/workshop then he/she will not be eligible for semester fees offer. Our team member will come to deliver the event and you just need to coordinate.

If you have any doubt then contact with our support team at

Note : All The Campus Ambassadors Will Be Featured on Our Company Website “Our Team” Section.